Sidenote (2)

Hello everyone, Actress here!

I’m going to get straight to the point and STRONGLY urge you to get on NETFLIX (yes, I said it, but I promise it’ll all be for the better) and watch Black Mirror- Season 3, Episode 1- “Nosedive”.


Black Mirror is a modern day Twilight Zone anthology series, created by Charlie Brooker. Each episode incorporates a different satirically dark themed synopsis about our imminent future and how humanity continuously meets disaster. In my opinion it is an incredible show!


Black Mirror- Season 3, Episode 1- “Nosedive”


I find this episode supremely important. Something everyone should watch. “Nosedive” tells the sad tale of a young woman named Lacie, living in a world dominated by a rating system that ultimately determines where you lie in societies spectrum.


People rate each other, either on their picture posts or after a face-to-face encounter. Ultimately strangers decide and contribute to wether your in the top or bottom. One wrong confrontation, one bad rating and your number drops considerably. Which then means that your place in society dwindles and thus you’re robbed of opportunities and a quality way of living.

Imagine the ass kissing and fake smiles just to make sure your ratings stay up…! Never speaking your mind… just in case. No one would know the real you. It would all be about who you are and how high your number is… or is it that already?

Seriously though, watch it (each episode has a different story, so it doesn’t matter where you start or what season you watch first). Exceedingly interesting and important. I promise. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Stay tuned and stay woke.

Sincerely yours,


9 thoughts on “Sidenote (2)

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Actress, and doing such a lovely job of explaining in such a way as to assure I have no choice but to add it to my already very long and growing Netflix queue of programs I rarely have time to watch! Don’t let the watching distract you from your dreams!

    Take care, be well, and happy blogging,


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  2. Nosedive is probably the episode that is most accurate in terms of the world we currently live in. I didn’t appreciate it enough when I first watched it but it was really well done and nicely executed. My favourite episode, however, was San Junipero. The ending made me pretty emotional, I just wrote a review of it over on my own blog. Really a brilliant creation by Charlie Brooker, I’m in awe of the idea!

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