Sidenote (3) ‘Getting Away With Love’

Hello Bloggers! Actress here.

I wanted to share something with you. As I have officially been here for a month, speaking my truth. I would like to share with you my fiction. A Prologue to be more exact. Something I have been working on a bit. A first draft. This short story is called, ‘Getting Away With Love’. A bizarre truth of how far one will go for the one you love. To keep the one you love. What one will overlook. Let me know what you think.

Stay tuned and stay woke,



PS. Just a hint. This is not a story about infidelity.



‘An immediate chill coursed through my body as I stared at my husband. The shock had rendered my fingers useless and the mug I once held so firmly in my hand now shattered against the white tiled floor. I watched as the hot coffee leaks into the grout lines between each tile, spreading slowly as if to escape the nucleus. The liquid dark against the shiny white. A disease expanding. This floor, these tiles, I’d never seen them before. As a matter of fact I’ve never seen this part of the house before, and as I lift my head once more and settle my gaze, I wish I never had.
The sound of the splintering porcelain caused Derrick to look up, spotting me in the doorway. Terror etched it’s way across his face, his expression now matching mine. He was a man caught in the act. He blinked furiously never taking his eyes off me. His lips parted to speak, but I heard nothing. My mind was busy trying to fathom the look that possessed his features before he had registered my being there. You see, I have known this man a little over 2 years and never had I seen this likeness of him. His brow furrowed in concentration, those intensely ardent eyes almost glowing with lust, the rosy cheeks; a clear sign of an accelerated heart rate, and lastly the smile. A smile so wicked. He seemed almost entranced.
A slow simmering pain grew in the centre of my chest, rapidly travelling to my lungs as I realised I was holding my breath. This can’t be real, I could not make sense of the scene in front of me. I exhaled loudly almost crying out. I had to breath. It’s a dream! It has to be…. My brain was just cooking up the worst possible nightmare. All I had to do was wake up. Just wake up and roll over seeking comfort in Derricks arms. He is not this man with the wicked grin. He would make everything better… enveloping me in his body heat as he kisses my forehead and promises me my safety as long as he was around. I would then drift back into a peaceful slumber with a heart so full, wondering how I had ever found this perfect man. In the morning I would wake him and he would groan in protest until, of course, he realised my intentions. Then he’d be fully awake and all to willing. We’d make love. More than once. Then we’d just lie there and talk. Those were my favourite moments. Don’t get me wrong, the sex is fantastic, but nothing beats the post coital conversations. Those are the conversations where you really get to know a person. Unearthing hopes and dreams, revealing deep dark secrets, and unveiling the past. I’ve had many of those conversations with him. I fondly remember the day one of those conversations ended in a proposal. I admit it wasn’t the most romantic of proposals, but that didn’t change my answer.
Suddenly I’m jolted out of the comfort of my own day dream. I’m back in room with the white tiles. He was speaking, but I could barely hear him. By now I was gasping in breathes of air. I felt heavy, weak, and dizzy. I wanted to hear him. I wanted to hear what he was saying. How he was going to explain this? But all I heard was… whimpering? Was that me? I closed my eyes and willed myself to leave this absurd site, to wake up, but as I opened them Derrick was lunging toward me, arms outstretched. His words were desperate but prominent in my ear as he held me tight against his chest. “Liv… Baby, I told you never to come down here…” There was a pungent sense of fear in his voice, “I can explain, Liv, just please, please don’t leave me.” Here I was, wrapped up in this mans arms, exactly where I wanted to be, but this man… wasn’t my husband. I didn’t know this man.’



15 thoughts on “Sidenote (3) ‘Getting Away With Love’

  1. bravo! bravo! very nicely put. I loved how the smallest of emotions that stir in the character are captured with unflinching definition. I could feel the pulse of Liv in this. Keep going. Good stuff 🙂

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